Thom, I have the highest regard for Bernie Sanders. But I just don't think he and other Progressives get it about the point of view of the angry caller from Texas who said he was 52 and losing his house. The caller and millions like him are on the verge of losing everything they worked for by forces beyond their doing or control and they're being asked to be patient until things change for the better. THESE PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR HOME, THEIR LIFE, EVERYTHING. They can't just sit by and lose everything because some rational person asks them to "stay cool". My guess is that, indeed, we may see the realization of Glenn Beck's prophecy about "Violence coming from the Left". What else would we expect? People are desperate.


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makuck 5 years 34 weeks ago

Plenty of violence and hate has come from the right. They talk about revolution and targeting democrats and labeling progressives as a disease that needs to be eradicated. They talk about using their 2nd amendments to overthrow their own government and compare it to our revolution 300 years ago against a foreign entity attempting to rule us from across an ocean who taxed Americans for roads in Britain and made it illegal to produce even clothes in America. During the revolution we had muskets and Britain had muskets. Now I think the tea party might be surprised to learn that while they still have muskets, "Britain" now has nuclear missiles, chemical weapons, tanks, stealth bombers, attack helicopters, attack drones, satellite imagery, and laser guided cruise missiles. And I think corporations would be equally prepared because the military complex is one giant corporation after all. Any kind of violence or civil war enacted to a final conclusion would be absolutely catastrophic and probably end in the complete destruction of America, or at least bring us to the level of a 3rd would country.. if we are lucky.

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Randy95023 5 years 19 weeks ago

"Suicide is a long term solution to a short term problem"...

If what's happening to MILLIONS of people happened to just one individual, that individual might be able to focus his anger on a single cause, or even a single PERSON. If you lost everything you had worked for your entire life and could place the blame on a "con man" or other such individual you might very well murder that person. It would be wrong, but quite understandable. What our Nation is going through right now is so complex that you don't know who to "blame". We just throw up our hands in frustration. Christians will pray, and others will do what ever it is that they do to cope with misery and frustration. I just pray that people don't even think about suicide. It's not worth it. "Suicide is a long term solution to a short term problem"...

Peace, Randy

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