I believe that many of the problems facing our nation could be easily solved once “Citizens dis-United” is overruled and we can level the playing field. Money isn't free speech. If it is then some talk too much and shut others out of a conversation. Unconstitutional, that.

I was elected to a town council in a quaint small coastal town here in America. And, in my experience I found that, unfortunately, a lot happens behind the scenes; but Democracy does work when people show up. Three out of five people on a council might pass a budget or legislation for a town of a thousand. But when fifteen or twenty people attend a council meeting and speak for three minutes each, well then - that budget or law might not pass – or at least get tabled.

In my debates with my conservative friends (yes it is possible) I have discovered that the issue that the ‘far right’ has with the GLBT community is their notion that homosexuality is a sin. And according to Leviticus and St. Paul (neé Saul from Tarsus who liked to hold coats for rock throwers) it is a sin. However many Christians would do better follow Christ’s teachings’ instead.


Gospel of Matthew 19: 12 - I won’t quote it, you can look it up. Essentially, it says that some men don’t get married (for the purpose of procreation) because they were born that way (gay); they were made that way by men (castrated/slaves - eunuchs); or have devoted themselves to the Kingdom of heaven (hermits/holy men). Words in parenthesis are my interpretation. And Jesus ends up saying ‘Let him who can accept this teaching do so.’ Whoa! A holy dare. Go JC! There is no abomination towards homosexuals in this, the Gospel. Christ is just stating something as it is.

Yeah, okay. There was no Adam and Steve (whatever) but neither was it said by Jesus to, “Love thy Neighbor unless he’s a flamer.” {insert apology here}

What was a eunuch in biblical times, anyway? A eunuch was a slave made to guard the women in a harem. A king would hire powerfully built men from the warrior class to keep the other ‘roosters’ out of his henhouse and could trust that the slave’s sexual desires lay elsewhere (where I am sure many a king might take advantage of now and then). Castration was to ensure that no seed, but the kings, would impregnate a royal concubine. Besides, some gay men make excellent companions to women. My point is that were plenty of harems and eunuchs in Christ’s time and this is who he was referring to in His verse.

Thank you for your broadcasts, Thom. They are very important in today’s national dialogue.

(Not the Rev.) Mike Murdock - Seattle, Washington

Shout out to Shawn and Louise


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