Every time I hear Trump and his supporters talk about a WALL, I think "Have any of you looked at a map?" The entire or nearly entire southern border of Texas with Mexico is defined by the Rio Grande River. That's roughly half of our US-Mexico border. It's why there's never been a wall built there before. Where is Trump going to build the wall? In the middle of the river? Along the shoreline on our side of the border? It's a National Wild and Scenic River, used by millions on both sides for recreation and agriculture. How's a wall going to affect all that? Just one more example of what a scam his whole campaign was, and how misinformed those who voted for him really are.


The Rio Grande River defines nearly the entire Texas-Mexico border.


Legend 6 weeks 5 days ago

It is where the term "Wet back" comes from. They swam across the border. The Republicans are currently discussing how they are going to do this. Putins Puppet said it so many times that we are waiting to see Mexico pay for it.

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TomDorr 6 weeks 23 hours ago

The wall can be effective with drones, heat seeking devices, overhead satellite surveillance and empowering ranchers to protect their property by apprehending illegals.

This can be done; all that is needed is the will.

The wall can be a combination of strategies, as long as it is an effective deterrent.

Not that hard to do.

Legend 6 weeks 9 hours ago

All of those methods are all ready in place.

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