My name is Nigel Peacock and I am the webmaster for the Thom Hartmann Program website.

My job is to try and hold things together for you, a task which is both a challange and enjoyable.

Thom's website moved to a new integrated design in March and I hope that you like what you see.

As ever with something new, there will be things you like and don't like about the way it works.

I'm around and about each day and will try to make your exeperience here great.

-Nigel Peacock-
Thom Hartmann Program


alexkroman's picture
alexkroman 5 years 35 weeks ago

Hi Nigel - Looking real good so far.

.ren's picture
.ren 5 years 33 weeks ago

Hi, Nigel,

I've figured out how to make most of the features of the board work for me. I think what would help is if someone who understands this software were to set up a help thread, maybe even an extra forum where members can ask questions and find ways to make things work for them.

I've worked out some issues for a couple of people already, so I'd be willing to keep an eye on such a thread or forum. In this thread:

If there is a hell, this man is headed for it

I helped a now somewhat frustrated jeffbiss figure out how to use html tags he thinks he's supposed to be able to use to post a title to an article with an embedded link. I also shared some other simple tricks I've learned. You can look at what I did and see how I go about it:

Jeff, I've been playing

I used to be an administrator once on an open source software board much like the last one, but we also had HTML options I could turn on and off, and add to. So I do have a little experience with this board software. I did exactly what I'm suggeting on that board, I set up a help forum. It worked pretty well.


crankylady's picture
crankylady 5 years 3 weeks ago

Thanks. Hope you will be patient with us old techno-dumb people. I have no web page so I have no URL to put anywhere, I also don't own a cell phone and do not do Facebook and just twittered yesterday after Olbermann got the boot.

Anyway thanks for holding this together I know it will not be easy.

Zenzoe 5 years 3 weeks ago

Hi Nigel. Thanks for returning the Edit button for us. I happen to like the look of the Hartmann site—the text is not too small, and it's easy on the eyes. Carry on...

nimblecivet's picture
nimblecivet 4 years 35 weeks ago

Great work!

There should be a "last post" button on the top of the blog page.

Also, it would be really cool if you could track your own comments.

The text does not wrap around pictures on a blog posting.

Maybe some people would find a "block commenter" feature useful, or a "favorites list" that will show the most recent postings by favored posters.

Also, when is my subscription up, am I blind or is that info not available anymore on the website?

Zenzoe 4 years 34 weeks ago

How about all of Thom's photographer fans send Nigel a replacement picture for "our community hands holding hands," which is at the top left portion of the Community page? The one there now sends the message, "White boys in community," as opposed to the multi-cultural, multi-racial, gender-inclusive message Thom's site should, presumably, have. Anyway, can't Thom's staff get ahold of a better picture, one we can all identify with?

DRichards's picture
DRichards 4 years 32 weeks ago

Re: Why not use the gold in Ft. Knox?

I read (somewhere a while back) that there is no gold in Ft. Knox; as it was used as collateral for the government loans from the Federal Reserve.

arky12's picture
arky12 4 years 13 weeks ago

I find it hard to figure out where I can post anything for Thom to see. I'd like to see a link on the main page to do this. I've been in this website at least a dozen times now and this is the first time I found anyplace to contribute. For instance, How do I start my own subject? And yes, someone else said it would be nice to easily track comments to anything they posted. I agree.

webmaster's picture
webmaster 4 years 12 weeks ago

Hi arky12

Thom's team do read this message biard all the time and stuff is passed to him for review.

To start your own topic, choose the most appropriate message board and then click the blue 'New Topic' button.

Best wishes.


oklare's picture
oklare 4 years 12 weeks ago

Hi Nigel - Thanks for the podcast renewal notice. So I just signed up for another year, and my order number is 10000. Do I get a prize, or do I have to wait to become the millionth subscriber?

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