Saturday Night's Fred Armisen did a great albeit unique impersonation of Hosni Mubarak on Weekend Update. How many comedians (who aren't Egyptian) do you know that could pull something like this off? It was hilarious. If you haven't seen it, it is probably on YouTube as I write. The whole idea of Egypt has been a fascination for me since I was little (when the pyramids were being built). In my travels abroad I have longed to visit the Valley of the Kings and Alexandria and the Temple of Luxor, maybe even swim in the Nile. So much history and so much richness still exists in that country. Remember when the King Tut exhibition made it's way around the country in the '70's? I saw it at the County Museum next to the La Brea Tar pits in Los Angeles when I was living there. It was a hot ticket and I remember waiting in line forever (not an Egyptian forever, but long enough) to go through. The last exhibit was a dramatically lit gold mask of Tut. I just stood there looking into the eyes of the mask for the longest time. I was finally gently moved towards the exit so that others could gawk. It will always be one of the two highlights of my museum visiting ventures (the other was in Houston when I saw bits of the "Dead Sea Scrolls"). But then there's the Louvre and the Vatican museums but that's another story. Speaking of Egypt, yes Mr. Mubarak, it is time to go. 30 years as head of a country is overstaying your welcome and effectiveness. Your franchise will not go to your son. It will go back to the people, you know, like in a real democracy.

Speaking of franchises and democracy, what's with the Brit Henry Cavill playing "truth, justice and the American way" Superman? Wasn't Zach Galifianakis available to play the super hero who wears his under pants outside his tights? Zach has been in every other film these past two years and we've all come to know his every move. Anyway that makes 3 Brits who are playing OUR superheroes, Christian Bale as Batman and Andrew Garfield, who is the new Spider-Man. This is outsourcing at its most troubling. We need to employ more American actors to play American icons. Where is the outrage? Doesn't anyone care? Michelle Bachmann? Are you there? Wait, I just got an idea, how about Bachmann playing a very short but loud Catwoman. How fun would that be?

and so it goes...


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