It's no question what Paul Ryan (R-WI-1) has been up to. It's also disgusting what he's doing to his constituents (no free and open town halls, locking unemployed constituents out of his Kenosha office, $15/plate constituent dinner in lieu of town halls). As Thom pointed out on his show, my congressional representative Paul Ryan is for sale, and you are going to love this!

I work for a company that has given well to Rep Ryan over his years in Congress. This company isn't even in his district, but while close to his district, happens to employ a number of employees who he supposedly represents. I happen to be a "member" of my company's employee PAC, just so I can get the e-mails and invitations to member only events.

Guess what? It should come as no surprise that while he will treat his unemployed constituents with disregard, those with jobs and/or money are more than welcome to meet and talk with him! He's coming to my company as a special guest to discuss issues related to my company's industry and I even get a private meet/greet with the all-mighty himself.

There's a Q&A section after his "public" remarks, and I want a gotcha question. Here's what I ask of the incredibly smart Thom Hartmann listeners: How do I craft a question that will trip up prince Paul while not having some management take a keen look at me and possibly lose my job? What are your suggestions? How would you handle a question in this scenario?


Ursel Twing's picture
Ursel Twing 4 years 39 weeks ago

The $15 ticket seems pretty cheap as compared to $30,400 for one ticket to obamas birthday party.

Revising History's picture
Revising History 4 years 39 weeks ago

You could find a clever way to ask him about his math skills. Then ask him why, if 80% of Americans are demanding job creation, he only cares about the playing games with theoretical fincances and damaging the national credit. Something like, I have a two part question: There have been questions about President Obama's and Rick Perry's transcripts: how did you do in school, in math? If he says good ask him about the 80% then the financial theories, if he obfusticates, ask him why he feels qualified to play games with theoretical finances while the national credit rating is damaged (like Nero played fiddle while Rome burned...).

I am afraid there is no way to disguise an honest question: softballs are obviously softballs. There is no such thing as a "Gotcha". The classic "gotcha" question that threw Quitter Palin, the Half Term Governor of Alaska, was "What magazines do you read?" There are ways of delivering a curve ball: just don't let the bum see it coming. Oh, and whatever the topic, do your research. Try a Rasmussen poll (Fox oriented) and its exact number and date. He can't wriggle out of it if he has no room.

Or why he is willing to raise taxes on the poorest (payroll tax) but not on the richest.

You could ask him how he feels about the recalls of three of his state's senators, the impending recall of your governor, and what he plans to do after the axe falls on him for the same financial trickery. (Again, do your research.)

Or ask him which of his lobbying groups he is planning to work for when he gets defeated by his huge disapproval ratings.

Ask him how he feels after handing huge government subsidies to his campaign contributors.

Another: if he always makes that expression because his contacts bother him (I'm assuming: apparently the only thing he can see is wads of green waved in his face. He must be too shortsighted to think things like Weather services and geology can mean anything to him cozy in his solid-gold rat hole.)

Zenzoe 4 years 39 weeks ago

You could ask him, via tongue-in-cheek, "Will you comment for the record on Andy Borowitz' report that you have vowed to Continue Kvorkian's Work, and that you said, 'Dr. Kevorkian tried to ease the transition of seniors into the great beyond....Here in Congress, we have the opportunity – one might even say the obligation – to continue Kevorkian’s work on a grander scale.'"

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