April 10, 2012 is the greatest day the day that Rick Santorum drops out of the GOP presidential race. Rick Santorum realizes that he will not be president in 2013. Now just to work on Romney’s realization. I announce a new campaign: “Realization for Romney for the Republican party”. The realization: there will be no Republican president for the next 50 years and dissolution of the Republican party.


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Calperson 3 years 19 weeks ago
Quote pkrause12249:

....there will be no Republican president for the next 50 years and dissolution of the Republican party.

You know this may be just me, I don't know....

But the idea of just ONE major government party terrifies me!!

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CARL OLSEN 3 years 19 weeks ago

Scares me too, but he could be right.

Republicans can't possibly make it another 20 (or even 10) years with their only idea being that of lower taxes for wealthy folks (the job creators...yah right...give me a break).

Paleoconservatives (see http://www.thomhartmann.com/comment/reply/32908/131479 ) have given up on the Republican Party long ago when Irving Kristol and his crowd of intellectual criminals left the Democratic Party because of the likes of LBJ and his joke called the Great Society. (1960's something like that). Podhoretz, Reagan, Kikpatrick, Bush, Cheney, et al were infected. (Don't believe me, where do you think the BS of compassionate conservatism came from). Just watch FOX today...it's all neocon BS coming out of the old "LEFT FIELD." There's no real conservatism in the likes of Neocon "RIGHTIES" like Hume, Krauthammer or Barnes (where did he go? Back to The Standard I guess).

That's not to say that the Liberal, Progressive Democrats have any real value to offer either. Instead, they do give "The Crowd" an opportunity to practice their most effective tactic...The Temper Tantrum. (OWS, Occupy Wisconsin, WHAT EVER!).

As an "Old Geezer" what I see lacking here, and on most political sites (left or right) is inspiration. Pep talks. Git'er done encouragement. Let's go do something. VISION... I just don't see it...

Probably just me whistling in the dark...Good night Gracie...Thanks for listening, Time for my asprin.


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pkrause12249 3 years 18 weeks ago

There are many political organizations that can take the place of the republican party. the green party, working families party, the labor party etc... then maybe we can debate how best solve problems of public concerns.

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