I was in sears optical the other day and a Navy sailor was picking up his new glasses. He was talking to another person and I was sitting at a desk between the two people talking (I do not work for sears or the optical place). The sailor was talking about military issued lens are thick and heavy. Then he was talking about eye surgery, so he would not need glasses. The sailor said,"The Navy will not pay for the surgery unless I reenlist". I thought in this country we take care of our troops and veterans. The military truly needs to eliminate Hospitals and other care facilities and let specially trained and certified doctors, nurses and other healthcare professional take care of these troops and veterans. Obviously this is not healthcare that the military offers to it's troops and veterans. It is Manipulation care, If you reenlist we will take care of your eyes, unbelievable! This navy sailor said, "I wanted to buy a car, but now I will pay for the surgery to fix my eyes".


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pkrause12249 3 years 30 weeks ago

The Navy sailor was standing uniform. This is a current active duty Navy sailor.

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pkrause12249 3 years 26 weeks ago

Just revisiting my earlier thought.

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pkrause12249 7 weeks 6 days ago

Once in a while I will hear politicians state the cost of repairs and modernization and creating better services at veterans facilities is, some billion dollar number...

Thinking of soldiers that are on their way to becoming veterans; the soldier is paying the cost every moment forever it becomes the people's debt at that moment and forever. It is not a new debate it was a cost paid by the solider that is now the people's debt.

So, the next time a politician refers to the cost of the veterans administration; stop them and correct them, it is the people's debt and not a cost of a veterans administration.

"The people are in debt to the veterans administration in the amount of..."

Because there is no debate about caring about veterans it is the people's duty to pay the debt to veterans. George Washington himself enforced tax code and commissioned the first tax collectors because George Washington was not going to let a new formed nation created by people protected by veterans falter.

- See more at: http://www.thomhartmann.com/users/pkrause12249/blog/2013/10/veterans-affairs-walk-clinic-refuses-treat#sthash.OuZ7SiUd.dpuf

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