Fair Tax plan under the Republican Party. 3.729 trillion divided by 300 million. This means per person monetary obligation is $10930 federal tax. Methods to pay for the tax is usual credit and mortgages. This creates a fair obligation for all tax payers and does not discriminate upon income class. This plan is also fair on single and family and gets rid of the marriage penalty tax. Every person is required to pay $10,930. Further explanation: a single person $10,930, married couples $20,780 and family of four would pay $41,560. With this minimum obligation of taxes the minimum wage laws have been repealed. Workers will have the freedom to be paid what they are worth. If someone is not able to pay their obligation then the person will be jailed for tax evasion. And sentenced to hard labor to work off their debit. Supervised by the department of corrections chaired by an independent privately owned association of prisons. To reduce the costs associated to house the prisoner the prison will be able to profit from prisoner labor. The prison will be able to pay the prisoner an average daily wage of .50 cents. Because the prison should not have to incur any costs associated to the incarceration of the prisoner. This will end class warfare and enhance community togetherness.


Fair Tax plan under the Republican Party
Fair Tax plan under the Republican Party


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jbennettatty 4 years 11 weeks ago

The author misunderstands what the FairTax really is.

For those unfamiliar with the FairTax, the measure is a bill in congress that replaces federal business and personal income taxes, payroll and self-employment taxes, and estate, gift and generation-skipping taxes with a national retail sales tax. The tax is on all retail consumption without exception, save for used goods and tuition. The legislation features a pre-payment to untax all Americans on their consumption of essentials up to the poverty level. Indeed the FairTax puts you, the citizen, in control through your consumption choices - not the IRS - of how much tax you pay and when you pay it. The FairTax lets you take home your paycheck with no federal deductions and withholdings. The FairTax makes April 15 just another spring day, because there is no income tax.

Yet the FairTax puts Uncle Sam in the same real spending position he is in today. The FairTax powers the economy by getting out of the way of those who are thrifty, industrious and productive. The FairTax is the only tax, existing or proposed, that is understandable, efficient, conductive to economic growth and fair.

Given this context, let me address this blog. There is no per-person obligation because each person can choose not to consume over the poverty level. The individual is not jailed because the tax is collected from him or her at the cash register when the individual makes a retail purchase. True, if the individual is in jail for some other reason, the individual does not receive the prepayment mentioned above.

I commend visiting the website www.fairtax.org to learn the truth about the FairTax.

~Jim Bennett

Summit, NJ

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pkrause12249 4 years 11 weeks ago

Thank you for your reply.

I write a lot of satire to show people where the ultimate end of ideas may lead. My intention to title this fair tax plan had nothing to do with the sales tax based planing you talk about.

But lets take a look at this idea of sales tax based revenue system for the government:

I actually live in a state where it is a sales tax based state. Every juristiction that I do business in requires me to file a serperate return and pay additional permit cost and tracking costs associated to having a business in a sales tax base system.

The income based system makes it easier for a business to open any place without having to pay tax to every tier of the tax system in an area. Plus having multiple locations or a traveling salesperson needs to register in every tax district and tier in order to do business legally in an area. Being incorporated in another state means nothing in a sales based system. Everything sold and purchased must be accounted for and paid sales taxes on.

What a sales tax based system does? A person is only taxed when a person buys something. If someone that makes a million dollars a year buys an item they pay taxes on that item. When someone makes a million dollars and goes traveling around the world or buys anything in another country or stores their money in a bank in another country the money never gets taxed in the country where the money was made. If someone making 30,000 dollars, buys a car with a 23% inclusive tax goes on a loan. This means that the person when buying the car is underwater in the loan at purchase. More plain language the new car is valued at 53% less than the loan amount to be paid. This will have a negative impact on the market. People will not have more money to save because of no income tax this a dream. A small business starting trying to start and buying supplies and equipment will discourage small business from starting. The other dream with this sales tax is that it will get rid of the IRS. Someone will have to go and audit the books of all the business people in the United States of America to make sure revenue is reflective of sales tax paid. Maybe this tax system SALES TAX system will have tax collecting agents of the STRCS(Sales Tax Revenue Collecting Service).

Oh, I almost forgot about the issue about putting people in jail. What happens when a business does not pay their taxes? They seize all assets and sell to reimburse for the loss of tax revenue. A new business or a small business owner does not know all the answers when they open a business. Plus, small business owners usually do not have a lot of capital to invest in a full time staff attorney or tax accountant to make sure all taxes and laws are being followed. Plus the worry of competition in the area too. The dream of owning your own business is truly a fantasy. There are numerous demands for all profit and revenue before the business gets their first customer. A sales tax based revenue system is truly about keeping big business in business and to punish any small business for starting. Because if a small business does not incorporate and starts as a sole proprietorship they lose everything if the business is unsuccessful. Losing their American dream of owning their own business the person will eventually get over. But taking everything from a person's home and the home too, to pay for unpaid business taxes is horrible.

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pkrause12249 4 years 11 weeks ago

With no replies make me think only Republicans scan these blogs.

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Bush_Wacker 4 years 11 weeks ago

It's like anything else. A millionaire doesn't spend much more on food than a poor person. That would mean that a poor person is paying a much higher tax on groceries than a rich one. A millionaire probably only owns one toaster and so does a poor person. There are about 450,000 working poor people for every one person in the top 1 percentile. 450,000 people are going to pay one helluva lot more in taxes on their groceries than one single person in the top 1 percent. So the tax burden will be shifted to the poorest and the benefits are being used much more by the top dogs.

How many poor people who pay taxes get to go visit and enjoy a National Park? How many poor people who pay taxes ever use the Interstate and Hiways? How many poor people who pay taxes ever get to use government subsidized Airlines? There's a lot of things that our tax dollars pay for in this country and many of those things are never used by the poor.

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Natural Lefty 4 years 11 weeks ago

I dunno PK, I have pretty good luck in getting progressives to respond to my posts. Conservatives rarely reply to my blog posts, although they are much in evidence on the message boards. Maybe they don't want to mess with me.

I appreciate your well-done sarcasm, but some people might think you are being serious.

I think statistics prove that sales-based taxes are biased against the poor and in favor of the rich, probably even with the exemptions for basic needs.

Actually, my response to the "fair tax plan" idea is that having everybody pay in the same amount will be fair if and only if, we all get paid the same amount. How many conservatives would want that?

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pkrause12249 4 years 10 weeks ago

This is an example of tax avoidance in a sales tax based economy. Human behavior indicates if there is a way to save money by avoiding payments of taxes people will do this. Millionaires and billionaires are no different if they can avoid paying taxes they will. For example in this community of Vancouver, WA there is a large monument and a small park that is it in Vancouver, WA. Many stores are closed unless they are necessity items needed in small quantities. Washington State is a sales tax based state. People are naturally choosing to avoid tax and go shopping in Portland where there is no tax. Vancouver, WA is what America will become under a sales tax based revenue system. A millionaire or billionaire will choose to by their product where currency compared to the American dollar is low with free trade agreements. Ship their products here and avoid paying any taxes at all. The people making an average wage will not buy things because of the 23% inclusive tax on all purchases. People like their bills paid off the top of their income not having to calculate later for it. As a person can see this is the case in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR. If people liked paying sales tax on everything they would have moved to Vancouver, WA. But, people are preferring to have income tax and no sales tax. I know that I was excited to learn no sales tax in Oregon. The traveling through the state was much cheaper and enjoyable because of no sales tax. Even Washington State does not post a nice “Welcome to Washington” sign until after Vancouver, WA. One of the consequences of taking away income tax on dividends paid is it encourages people not to stick with their investments. This destabilizes the economy and rewards companies to cash out on investments. This may also, put strain on the economy which puts pressure on the politicians to follow the instructions of the wealthy.

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