Is America becoming George Orwell’s 1984 in 2012 or 2016?

The media is controlled by Corporations so the “Bureau of Truth “exists which in Orwell’s book was the bureau of propaganda. We are seeing the Kochs and Carl Rove hire people to scrub the internet of their wrong doing and remove troublesome facts that counter their lies. Insuring that people will continue to vote against their self interests and buy into their lies and proposals

For the example about current ad about the deficit implying that China owns most of national debt which isn’t true. 60 % of US debt is held by the US public, 40% is held by foreign individuals and the largest holder is Japan.

Will the Defense Department be merges with the department of Homeland Security to make the Department of Peace? We are being told that are military actions around the world are to promote “peace”. How long before our “bureau of truth” tells us that defense and security are “peace”.

It is truly scary time, we saw preview in 2010 of the agenda for 2012 if we don’t wake up and take control of our country again and force the government to enforce antitrust laws, collect corporate taxes, etc or we will be George Orwell’s 1984. What will be coming in 2012 if the tea party continues to win will be repeal of the right to organize, minimum and living wage, and child lab laws. Why will this happen corporation are working globally to reduce wages to the lowest possible level which is set by China. If you haven’t been to developing country go there and see what the USA Inc will be like if we don’t stop the tea party now.

If you have Children, you owe to them to wake up and fight for your best interests. Look at what the tea party has done and have you benefited from any of it?

1) More tax cuts for ultra rich and corporations, has this helped you? Corporations are stilling on trillions or spending on new plants in the 3rd world

2) Tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, have you seen any trickle down help you any? Do you benefit directly from any of these tax cuts?

3) Restrictions on women’s rights – has this gotten you a job or improved the economy?

4) Stricter voting regulations will 2012 or 2016 see us return to voter definitions of our founding fathers. Remember when the US was founded to vote you had to be a white male, and property owner. With foreclosure crisis, it may well be that is the plan to prevent Michael Moore’s predictions that there are more of us than them (billionaires) that we could vote them out. So if they successfully limit voting rights to the founding father definition of white male property owners they will preserve their feudal system

5) Some of the tea party losers in 2008 proposed eliminating minimum wage and child labor laws so we can be more competitive with China.


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