The thought in inconceivable but it is always possible. President Obama could be thrown out of office and Mitt Romney will be the President. Do not think it is an impossible scenario?

Many of us could not imagine George Bush being chosen over Al Gore or John Kerry but that is exactly what the country did. It is not inconceivable the country would shoot itself in the foot again.

What do you think? It it possible?

I have included my latest video for your inspection.


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Alberto Ceras 4 years 9 weeks ago

It's possible. Your video is clever.

Katshores's picture
Katshores 4 years 9 weeks ago

John Kennedy died (he gave us the Bay of Pigs and we pulling our missles out of Turkey due to the 13 days in October 1962 and Johnson had two wars: Proverty and the War in Vietnam; Nixion gave us the EPA and Watergate; Ford gave us a pardon and some quiet moments; Carter gave us high interest rates and etc and Islamic revolution we have today. Most Democratics were worried when Reagan got in and he ended the cold war and the USSR lost; he didnt end any Departments within the Government; only added one: Department of Veterans Affairs; Bush the father went to war and we won; Clinton got in and gave us much needed work and things to talk about I still wonder how you can smoke but dont inhale; Bush, the son, faced 9-11 due to Clintons errors and got us into two wars and Obama blamed everything on Bush and even his 5 trillion debt and Romney who knows only time could tell. If its Obama getting back in well that we know by his track record now!

francesca52 4 years 9 weeks ago

If Romney wins, there will be a mass exodus out of this country. I think many of us are making preliminary plans. But we who are literate, will know that if he does win, it will be another stolen election by these treasonous, detestable and greedy SOB's with the assistance of the truly and willfully stupid. What is never truly addressed except superficially- is that FOX (un)News is THE BIGGEST THREAT not only to America and Americans, but to our democracy, the world economy and world peace. Until they are stopped, there is NO HOPE! The oligarchy is here- Romney will just strengthen it until the Rich steal all the rest of our treasure, and create a rift so wide and so deep, that we will be thrown back to the middle ages.They will have their boots on our necks and our children at war. But we will be told our abject and fatal poverty was inevitable. Fox , (being the only voice, prosperous and unchallenged in any meaningful way)- the stupids AND the greedy rich- will blame the progressives! And that will be the UNdisputed dialectic.

I am very curious as to why the Progressives are unable to tie the weak economy with Republican obstructionism, filibuster, and the 60 vote rule. The "low-information voters"-( so quaint and misleading an identifier)- are now on the brink of electing to destroy my country. Our future is in the hands of the willfully stupid. FOX makes people dumb and mean- and I and so many are sick to death of dumb and mean people- and that they seem to have the biggest microphone.

Katshores's picture
Katshores 4 years 9 weeks ago

Was their well known Diector said if Bush got in he would move to Paris? and what happen to him when the media asked if he indeed left to Paris. He spoke he never said that and said Paris Texas. I am guessing all these liberals and progessives ae scared because they cant ruin country this time like they did many.

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