OWS must control its own image and expand its activities


Controlling our own image because image is everything:  Volunteering is us but who knows it besides us.  Vandalism by outsiders in Seattle & Oakland gets hung on us by TV media sensationalism because “one picture is worth a thousand words”& many people watch the news without really listening.  One image controller would be the “Adopt a Street” program which I quote, “The County will provide each organization with a plate (size of letters dependant on size of organizations name) stating organizations name as part of the Adopt-a Street program.” This is free favorable publicity that is worth a fortune.  Another would be to invite all artists to create their images of how they see OWS.  A traveling art show of one of the most colorful happenings in America since Woodstock would be a masterpiece in itself.  We should have representation on, American Idol, The Amazing Race/500k ea.to winning pair.” etc.  Occupy is only our name but we represent everyone and everything so why not show it off?   Thank you, charlie pace of automechanicspace.com


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Without a charismatic leader

Without a charismatic leader and a focused agenda it's going nowhere.