I’m now starting to see the RNC talking points that are being put on local newspaper websites that are both out of context and misleading. I’m going to post them as I find them along with my responses. I hope they are of use.

RNC talking point: “The national debt was $10.6 trillion. Today it is $15.4 trillion. That’s an increase of 44%. (U.S. Treasury Department)”.

SCVIndy: Anyone who follows the news knows that George W Bush ‘DOUBLED’ the national debt using deficits to over stimulate the economy that results in ‘bubbles’ forming in both the financial and real estate markets that lead to the market crash in the fall of 2007.

Thus, the Obama came into office in 2009, the reality was:

- The US stock market had lost ‘HALF’ its value from about 14,000 down to 7,000
- As many as 5 million Americans had lost their jobs from the crash to the day Obama took office

And yet, as this poster is inferring, that it’s ‘all Obama’s fault’!!!!! I’m not making this up!

In any event, we do know from basic economics that you don’t go into an ‘austerity’ program during a recession.

Thus, it was inevitable that the US Treasury would continue to run higher deficits since millions of
Americans were no longer working and the economy was tanking.

The stimulus package that Obama created and was for the most opposed by republicans, was an attempt to reignite the economy using ‘debt’ properly versus what the conservative ideologues advising Bush failed to do in that they over stimulated the economy leading to the crash.

Yet, as you see here, this poster ‘IGNORES’ the facts and just recites a RNC ‘focus group tested’ talking point as if we here are just ignorant and that the ‘history’ of Bush doesn’t matter . . . yet another RNC talking point about ‘blaming’ Bush versus just understanding the mistakes Bush made that lead to the crisis.

So to use the statistical game by this poster, well, he ‘forgot’ to tell you that Bush increased the debt by 100%!

And if Bush didn’t tank the economy, there were be no deficits . . . remembering that when Bush took office, the US was in surplus. That ended with the Bush tax cuts that lead further to the bubbling of the economy and the crash of 2007.


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proudlyliberal 3 years 18 weeks ago

Great Points! I very much agree with your concern about Republican constant efforts to distort the facts. I even have been hearing some otherwise informed talk show hosts and guests fall for some of the age old Republican lies, regarding the U.S. economy. Come on guys, get it together! Obama vulnerable regarding the Economy/National Debt compared to Romney? Really? The voting public needs a quick history lesson, lest they fall for the same old republican lies brought out every election!!! Below are some great graphs that tell the story. Thanks to Thom for all he does to present the truth.

1. How the U.S. Got $14 Trillion in Debt and Who Are the Creditors:


2. Increase in the National Debt by President:


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