The Money Masters

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Hello All -

This documentary, made in1994, is a very compelling, comprehensive indictment of why our economy and political environment is in its current state of corruption and money influence and who/what has been behind it.  It poses that this problem goes back thousands of years and walks us through it's history to the 1990's; ending with predictions that nailed the 2008 crisis 14 years before it happened.

I wanted to pass this on as it is so incredibly well done.  I am very curious though if any of you here or Thom if you are reading - you yourself - have seen this (I have watched it twice now) and can provide any feedback on it's accuracy, additional readings/films, etc?

It is quite long - but hands down, tremendously worth the watch!  I cannot stress that enough.



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Honestly... not a single

Honestly... not a single reply?

Asking again...