America needs to implement policies to control its population.

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They already have. 

They already have.  Starvation and lack of shelter is a good start.  Every 10 seconds someone on the planet dies of starvation. 6 people a minute.  360 people an hour.  The next time I spend an hour feeding my face at lunch time I'm going to think about that.

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Yes, telliottmbamsc, but not

Yes, telliottmbamsc, but not just in the U.S. Unchecked population growth everywhere may - almost surely will - kill the planet. I've thought that cash payments for vascetomies worldwide (but particularly in those countries with inordinately high birth rates) would be a good start. In the U.S. a sensible policy would tax parents heavily for having children. That policy would include an escalating tax penalty for each additional child. Such a policy would be far more sensible than the present one of granting tax credit for children.