Tom Barrett-D Wisc will NOT allow Wages and Benefits go back to Pre-Walker levels.

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 Vote for Kathleen Falk, she will do more than just reinstate Collective Bargaining rights.


Tom Barrett was forced - by Kathleen Falk’s being the obvious, clear and natural choice of Union’s - into making qualified representations on what he would do about Walker’s Labor Crimes.   While Falk was holding herself out as the right and just partner of Union’s Tom Barrett was literally touring with Rahm Emmanuel who had recently mistreated his jurisdiction’s teacher’s union by denying them a fair wage.


I am disappointed by Jon Erpenbach.  He should rightfully be distancing himself from Barrett.  But Erpenbach has instead chosen to abuse the goodwill he earned by being awol from the state during a critical negotiating time – all for the sake of party lines.  Very disappointing indeed.


Washington Democrats can not accept Kathleen Falk as Wisconsin’s next Governor even though her election would be in the best interests of the Wisconsin People.