Bank Owner, Hedge Fund Manager, and Candidate for US Senate Eric Hovde (R-WI) runs ad attacking Wall Street’s political influence.

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Another politician saying whatever they have to get what they want.  Let me be blunt: Eric, if you didn’t have money from Wall Street could you have afforded to run the ad in the first place?!?   I don’t think so.


What a two-faced, hypocrite, misrepresenting, blow dried demagogue, whose view of the economy is anti-aggregate demand – sadly, he’ll probably fit into Washington nicely.   


It is no wonder Wisconsin is so often used as a joke by Hollywood.


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Why is it that when I think

Why is it that when I think of Eric Hovde an image of 6 inch heels and a head of hair back-combed so big it could fill a bushel basket comes to mind?