Cancer, Childhood Diseases, Contaminated Ground Water, etc: Walker has not been enforcing pollution laws since he took office.

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Throughout the State polluters have been running amok since Walker took office. 


You name it, regardless of how toxic it is, Corporations owned by Walker supporters have been dumping it with reckless abandon into the public sphere where it is being inhaled by your children, drank by you and your children, and god only knows what else. [Special thanks to the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.]


And by the way, f***g wake up, the stuff Walker’s DNR is spraying for gypsy moths (Bt and BtK) is a compound in Anthrax.  Walker is making Obama’s choice of deadly dispersant used in the Gulf look like a pixy dust.

But hey!  State's Rights are the way to go! (groan)



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like most laws these days

like most laws these days many of the laws proposed are simply to decriminalize existing profit seeking behavior