No "ifs", "ands" or "buts" we have to Control Population so here we go…

Year 1:

a) free sterilization procedures for all males and females,

b) Freeze amounts of all Tax benefits related to dependent children for those Taxpayer’s whose income exceed their County’s average.

Year 2:

a) Half amounts frozen in Year 1 for above average taxpayers for all NEW dependent children that represent a 3rd or more Child dependent to the Taxpayer’s family.

Year 3:

a) Freeze amounts of all Tax benefits related to dependent children for those Taxpayer’s whose income is at or below their County’s average.

Year 4:

a) Eliminate amounts of all Tax benefits related to NEW dependent children that represent a 3rd or more Child dependent to the Taxpayer’s family regardless of Taxpayer’s income.

Year 5:

a) Mandatory sterilization for both father and mother of any NEW dependent child that represents a 3rd or more. Failure to comply means three years loss of tax refund and loss of all Tax Credits and Deductions of all kind.


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telliottmbamsc 4 years 4 weeks ago

The problem is Corporate Revenue Growth needs hordes and hordes of desperate consumer just dying to pay what ever they can for what they think is a critical good or service. And if it really is a critical good or service – like food, water, and medicine – then all that much better and the marketing department has less of job to do.

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telliottmbamsc 3 years 29 weeks ago

Corporate “Need” for Compound Annual Rate of Growth keeps US from sensible Population Control policy.

(see that! I put it out here without creating one of the coveted "new" blog entry spots!)

The article is from the “finance” or business section of yahoo. Consequently don’t generalize the author’s observations on resources to concepts outside the firm.

The Article’s use of the word “resources” is in reference to unlimited factors of production TO THE CORPORATION (opposed to Society). Despite how much destruction of the Commons takes place societies and governments on planet earth do not have unlimited resources. For instance the world’s is rapidly becoming much MUCH more hostile to life (and consequently many forms of resources) as we know it. That is why solar energy, which incorporates a resource that is abundantly available and unaffected by our consumption is so critical to productivity.

Obama needs to envision a world without the ubiquitous annual compound rate of growth that so often goes unstated in policy pursuits of all kinds. Our planet and governments do not have the unlimited resources needed to maintain a healthy, clean, well fed and housed population of humans. And that is a sad fact the will continue to become more and more clear as time goes on.

Again, the only way to make unlimited resources available to corporations who have this insatiable lust for a compound annual rate of growth is to claim it at the expense of the People’s prospects for continued survival in a decent, healthy, and non-feral way.

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Al Ceras 3 years 29 weeks ago

Population growth and consumption present major problems and, unchecked, may wipe us out. I believe that you have some good ideas on how to check the growth, Elliot, but your program may be too complex. Also a positive benefit - a cash reward - would work better than simply paying for the procedure.

Where does this fellow, Rick Newman, live? Certainly not in what most of us think of as the real world.

He also came up with this gem: "Finally, Globalization May Help American Workers" - Rick Newman ...

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