US Economy Going From Bad to Worse: Roubini

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"And now, after getting the

"And now, after getting the first half of 2012 wrong, many are repeating the fairy tale that a combination of lower oil prices, rising auto sales, recovering house prices, and a resurgence of U.S. manufacturing will boost growth in the second half of the year and fuel above-potential growth by 2013."

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What will make it even worst

What will make it even worst is the 22 different taxes that will go up  and also the possiblity of the Federal Government doing

Yes, forgiving $870 Million on Student Loans and what we have now $16 Trillion in federal debt. Sure. We dont need a President that is a Santa Claus and giving people extended Unemployment and telling them to go on SSD too.

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Also didnt Obama give 609

Also didnt Obama give 609 million to those Counties that have a AIDS problem; when President Bush gives 5 billion to same counties too. (Obama's is one time) and Bush's is 1 billion over 5 total years giving them 5 billion dollars.

Must be nice to give money to counties when its the UN duty to do that and we cant give 15 million to a small town in Illinois due to a twister hitting it and didnt meet "Key" provisons to get Federal Disater Aid.

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First off, look at the prices

First off, look at the prices at your local gas station, look at your electric bill - we don’t have cheap fossil or nuclear energy despite all that has been in the name of bringing prices down. 


Not only is the price per gallon or unit is still high for these sources but when you add the externalities of producing it the cost is a gahzillion times more than that of solar, wind, and tidal. 


Cheap energy is just an excuse the White House uses when it hands out permission to Energy Oligarchs to destroy more of the People’s commons.  This doesn’t boost growth in the economy – it boosts profit growth for Energy firms and first and foremost Wall Street (aka “the heart of obama’s free market”).


The fact is the price of traditional energy sources under the White House’s current scheme will only only only trend up.  And the external cost of these sources’ production and use will continue to be fobbed off on the People free of charge to the oligarchs that profit from them.  By every indication these externalities will continue to mount until 99% of the People’s way of life and society is severely debilitated if not reduced to proverbial rubble.  Look at the Drought, look at Fukushima, look at BP’s Gulf disaster. 


Obama has made no legitimate effort to permanently reduce the price of traditional energy sources and neither will Romney. 


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telliottmbamsc wrote:  Look

telliottmbamsc wrote:

 Look at the Drought, look at Fukushima, look at BP’s Gulf disaster. 


Look at the WOLF!!!!!

Look at the WOLF!!!!!!!

Look at the WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!