Having to continually raise funds, like the shellacking, is just another one of Blue Dog Obama’s self-created “problems” the People must suffer through.

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Why didn’t Obama launch an assault against money in politics when he had the chance at the start of his Presidency?  Because it would have reduced Corporations role in Government?!  For the same reason, he didn’t outlaw the Health Insurance Industries monopoly when he had a chance?


Vote Jill Stein in 2012.


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I do like the Green Party

I do like the Green Party party motto - Voting your conscience is Never a wasted vote.

When we consider that by voting we are electing people to Represent us. When the politician engages in criminal acts contrary to the Constitution,, national and international law they are doing that In Our Name. Picking one or the other criminals to represent us sullies our reputations etc

When you vote Green you are saying -

To the Banksters breaking the law -Not in Our Name

To the democrats and republicans jailing whistle blowers - Not in Our Name.

When the democrats and republicans sign off on endless warfare, drones illegally firing on 1st responders and any other persons moving within a certain area Not in My Name.

I could go on and on and on but the list of crimes by the duopoly is too long.

Vote Green and stand up and say Not In My Name.

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Or, stand up., bend over, and

Or, stand up., bend over, and tell these nihilistic 'duopolist' gazers to X your still voting for Obama l*l.