When I first heard of the bill, The Stop Online Piracy Act “SOPA” (which was the other night on Countdown with Keith Olbermann), I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I thought all the copyright GREED was over and EVERYONE was getting A PIECE OF THE PIE, (even if some pirate was trying to profit from another person's hard work- case in point - ITUNES - Silly me, NO WAY JOSE!)

I wonder who (and why) introduced this ridiculous and harmful bill?

The Internet has opened doors, windows and cracks in the wall, for so many. It has shed light upon all those corporations who create, behind closed doors, the magic; (you know, the ones who have mega bucks to use in order to..."MAKE THINGS HAPPEN THAT SEEM IMPOSSIBLE!").

Well because of the Internet and its websites like DailyKos, Youtube, Amplify and countless others, people have been finding out that “HEY THIS MAGIC STUFF IS FUN, I CAN ALSO CREATE A MOVIE OR A SONG OR A POEM OR A POLITICAL ARTICLE, that I can share with others.”

I know because I’m one of those people. I have been using the Internet to hone my hidden creativity for years and I must add... HAVING FUN WHILE DOING SO.

For the first time in my life, I have tried my hand at poetry, activism, writing, and creating websites... all without making a dime. I didn’t expect to make money because I can’t do what the so called geniuses can do, I know this well. But just learning enough to open that mysterious box of creativity and exploring some of its contents, was fun beyond my greatest expectation and that is my reward.

Now THE POWERS THAT BE want to take it away from this hoity toity, Hoi Polloi... WHY?

Why when it will cause conflicts between "DNS" servers, and make you more vulnerable to hackers, identity theft, and cyber attacks?

Why when it will short-circuit the legal system, and give rights holders a fast-track to shutting down websites (WILLY NILLY)?

Why when it will sanction government interference with the Internet, it make the Internet more censored, akin to that of China and Syria?

Is that what our Government is after, MAKING US LIVE UNDER TOTALITARIANISM?

The reason for most of the slaps in the face WE-THE-PEOPLE have endured is because of money. I don’t believe taking away our ability to create on The Internet will bring WHOEVER, WHATEVER or the SOB’s WHEREVER, MORE BIG PROFITS...


One thing for sure, I intend to fight it every chance I can get using the resources out there i.e., DAILYKOS, YOUTUBE, AMPLIFY and even my website http://www.thethinkingblue.com I hope all will join me in this fight. I am so tired of the GREED that has gripped our Nation/World... when will it stop? We are all one and as one entity we should help each other in our search for a satisfying life.


I hope this is not THE END

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