Dear Thom:

We are finally figuring out that when:

Incoming revenue is far less than outgoing spending our economy sinks rather quickly into the crapper. I know that one week ago you were bragging about how strong the economy in Europe is (thank you very much) but you may have been slightly incorrect. We are up to our ass in alligators over here. We are not blaming the great Obama depression.

Continually complaining about banks, multinational corporations, and millionaires and billionaires, is totally bogus and you know it. We may have actually screwed ourselves. We think it may be better linked to FREE colleges, 6 weeks vacations, one month paid sick leave, Free healthcare, totally uncontrolled government spending, paying people for not working, full paid retirement at 55, and corrupt government officials may be contributing to our minor problems managing our finances.

When we signed on to the EU we thought that if we could latch on to the economies of some healthy countries they would bail us out if we went slightly astray. We may have guessed wrong. They actually want us to start to control our finances and get our act together or we may get kicked out of the EU. That would be great. We know how wonderful it is when a country has their own currency, but we do not produce enough wheelbarrows over here to transport the currency in to pay for a trip on our new solar powered high speed trains.

We do like your idea of tighter borders and controlling immigration. How is that working for you in America? Would it affect potential voters for our liberal causes? What are we to do?

By the way, the UK is still not using the euro and they seem to be having the same issues we are. Why is that? Banksters, billionaires?

Yours Truly,







Britain (we don’t count because we can print money and get out of trouble.)


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