One more fraud discovered

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It would be interesting to

It would be interesting to see some proper investigation and reporting of the story. Although, even if the genealogical record eventually shows that she is not Native Ameriican, that does not mean that she wasn't brought up with family stories telling her that she was.

What percentage Native American inheritance do you have to have to be called native American? And what difference does it make?

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Can you say "gaming the

Can you say "gaming the system" for political advantage?  We could all be traced back to the stone age but it won't buy anyone one extra vote.  Claiming minority status from five generations ago without proper proof is B.S. and you know it.  Also, illegal if you are claiming it while bidding on contracts without proper documentation.

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I don't get it.  Where's the

I don't get it.  Where's the proof of fraud and what should be the consequences if there is any?

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Anyone can get high

Anyone can get high cheekbones. Its simple. Put your both hands on your checks and raised them both at the same time and bingo you too can be called a Native American. As for Warren she only did this 1/32th of her life.