A student loan debt of $30-40,000 for a person without means (which should be no more than 10% of actual income) is much more debilitating than Republicans pretend.

I repeat, this is not a test...

test case #1: reinforce banking institutions, make small stimulative infusions into economic system, but encounter political roadblocks to cost controls from vested private interests. Result: sluggish recovery.

test case #2: share the burden between connected banking systems and borrow between them, and austerely minify guarantees (and confidence) supposedly built in to the social contract. Result: economic contraction. The Ryan-Romney plan proposes such drastic belittling of responsibilities incumbent on good government, decrement of standards (esp. 'living' and, perhaps, 'trust'), with any stimulative benefit drawn off to further clog oversupplied prerogative as would likely have frightening result. Neither the "basic fairness" that Mr. Romney magically invokes (various historical insecurities notwithstanding) nor any compassionate conservatism (grudging charity) are sufficient for repairing the damage that moneymaking malefaction and perfunctory disenfranchisement of the burgeoning needy has wrought.


JFK was globally "popular" and it reflected well on the country, as does Pres. Obama's popularity, but no Alhambra or Cordovan idyll of our collective imagination can be retaken, I fear, unless we are allowed to celebrate (solemnize) ourselves - thus, have "celebrities". no Symphony for the Common Man can be sounded if the shrieking cacophony of misinformation and fabrication (vilifying the innocent or lauding feckless privilege) is the instrument plutocrats play, tortuously browbeating listeners senseless.

Gay old time...

pop psychology, of the kind I hazard practicing at my dire intellectual peril, often meddles in the "authenticity" of the person-kindness of others (whose "normality" is confusing or frightening) without appropriate compassion nor subtlety. unfortunately, those easily frightened about "honest insight" includes those of us (African-American) whose very person-hood and/or "identity" (abnormality) is inexorably in question before the public forum. the civil rights we must extend to all is put at as much at risk because of our embarrassment as by our outright prejudice, I'm afraid.


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THISAA 4 years 4 weeks ago
Quote wudang:

A student loan debt of $30-40,000 for a person without means (which should be no more than 10% of actual income) is much more debilitating than Republicans pretend.

The average student loans numbers vary on the internet but are generally $22,000-$27000. Getting a degree in something other than many of waste of time crap degrees offered at most universities, will generate a lifetime income gain of between $500,000 and $1,000,000 over a person with no degree. It sounds like a good investment to me. Rather than trying to gin up a phoney "it's those Republicians" please explain why it costs so much to attend a University. Try professors that have to have six assistants and actually never show up for the class they are paid to teach. Possibly the athletic department paying their directors over $1,000,000/year. My guess is any good businessman could shave 30% off a typical University budget in a few minutes thus reducing the load on the poor students that do not want to invest $25,000 to make 20-40 times that in their lifetime.

Good God. Is there anything that progressives want to actually take responsibility for?

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