contempt of hold-overs, not of Holder, who began "gun walking" under Bush and misinformed higher-ups about their behavior, strikes me as the root of the problem that Mr. Issa's witch hunt ignores. The insult to the present administration, including suspicions about conspiracy, is surely contemptuous (as the Republicans have been, in general, regarding this President). Nevertheless, gun violence at the border must be addressed, and the idea that the government has, somehow, not been interested in curbing that violence, or that the evidence regarding "wide receiver" has been hidden, is insulting and fallacious. The admission by members of Congress that it is the pressure from the NRA that informs some of their attitudes regarding the upcoming vote is contemptuous.

relying upon reform of the private insurance industry to expand the pool of insured people has proved problematic, not because this is a "new" market or because mismanagement of this particular market has no disastrous effects upon citizens but, rather, because reluctance of the high court to confirm the constitutional responsibility of government to regulate the terrible excesses of health-care commerce, I argue. "Affordable Care" remains good for us (broccoli?).

V.P. Biden's foreign policy experience discouraged nation-building, in favor of counter-terrorism, and has proved sapient. Without extracting ourselves entirely from the humanitarian and security concerns that would obtain in any region, the fearful illusion about "safe havens" resulting from instability, per se, has, happily, waned. I have no doubt, however, that the constant fear that Republicans boost, about everything from economy to safety, will continue to be added to the cynical despair in which they would have us cragfasted.

the problem with Republican policies: abortion rights deterrence, embryonic "person-hood-wink", slight-of-hand with the New Deal (slid from the bottom of the deck), moneyed rather than popular interest (de-regulatory fecklessness), outright mendacity (death panels), and discriminatory predilection (papers please), perpetual fearfulness (pessimism). why should such doctrine direct our efforts (statistical wash with progressive agenda), I wonder?


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