The Hartman Report just posted this interesting article and it reminded me if it would take my fantasy to come true to get real change.

"About 15,000 years ago, the ocean around Antarctica has seen an abrupt sea level rise of several meters. It could happen again. An international team of scientists with the participation of the University of Bonn is now reporting its findings in the magazine Scientific Reports."

Imagine Manhattan whose property value of 950 billion dollars was permanently swamped in four feet of sea water or more, all those high end multi million dollar condo's , even TRUMP Tower, now unsaleable or in some cases unlivable. The movers and shakers of America and world , the international jetset of world now finding themselves homeless and even poverty struck, the victims of their own greedy making. Talk about Karma.

Sometimes i think it will take an environmental calamity such as Manhattan permanently submerged in sea water to get any meaningful movement on climate change.


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