1 US Vet attempts suicide every 80 minutes

Reon Schutte, former POW/Speaker/Author - "Set Yourself Free" joins Thom Hartmann. According to a new Pentagon report - Our soldiers are dying at an alarming rate, but not in Afghanistan. They're dying right here at home. In the first 155 days of the year - 154 US soldiers have committed suicide - averaging nearly one soldier dying of suicide each day. That's an 18% increase from last year - and the fastest pace in the decade of Bush's two wars. Suicide deaths now occur 50% more often than combat deaths in Afghanistan. And this situation isn't much better for our military veterans. Every 80 minutes in America - a US veteran attempts suicide. Studies suggest multiple tours of duty, PTSD, and misuse of prescription medicine could be behind the surge in military suicides - both among veterans and active duty personnel. Another possible explanation is financial hardship from the Bush Depression. Just like working class Americans - soldiers, too, are having their homes foreclosed on by Romney's bankster friends - even while they're abroad risking their life for the country - or trying to get on economic footing after leaving the military. And tragically in Congress - Republicans and Democrats can't even come together anymore to help our veterans