1980: So the question for Progressives is...was it worth it?

With November looming, the fate of the Obama Presidency hangs in the balance. Billions of dollars are being bundled to be spent against him. Voter suppression ID laws are kicking his voters off the rolls. And Republicans in the House are sabotaging his`2 economic recovery. Right now - there's a chance that this election will be a replay of 1980. Barack Obama could be Jimmy Carter. And I'm telling you right now that it's up to us - it's up to Progressives to make sure that doesn't happen. We've seen this movie before. As investigative journalist Robert Parry points out in a new column on consortium news.com - the progressive anger toward Obama is nothing new. It's the same sort of anger that Jimmy Carter faced in his 1980 bid for re-election - and the same sort of anger that eventually cost Carter a second term and set the stage for the Reagan Revolution - which we're all still trying to put an end to, even now.