Is Ahmadinejad supporting Karl Rove & Mitt Romney?

So here we have ten - or even 20 million dollars - anonymously handed over to Karl Rove to defeat President Obama and the Democrats this November. And beyond what some people are saying - most likely we'll never know who gave that money and what strings are attached to it. -We won't know if it's a hedgefund billionaire who's demanding that Republicans keep the Romney Rule capital gains tax loophole wide open. -We won't know if it's an oil baron who wants Republicans to keep the taxpayer oil subsidies to his industry flowing. -We won't know it it's a war profiteer who wants Republicans to keep the neverending war on terror going to keep up the high demand for cruise missiles. -And we won't know if - as some people are saying - the donations are from rogue dictators - who are making secret deals with the Republican Party. We just won't ever know - and that's a critical flaw in our democracy created by five un-elected hard-right-wing kings in black robes apointed by Republicans to the Supreme Court. It's time to put an end to this chaos in our elections - and not let foreign or corporate millionaires and billionaires speak louder in our democracy that actual American citizens with a vote.