Are Cons Reinventing Labor Day into Billionaire's Day?

For thirty years - Republicans have been waging a war on labor - a war on working people. And they've been incredibly successful - with unionized workers now representing just a tenth of the workforce today - when they used to make up a third of the workforce a half century. Today in America - this war on labor is picking up steam. Republican Governors like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, John Kasich in Ohio, and Chris Christie in New Jersey have launched attacks on public sector workers - trying to deny them collective bargaining rights. Republicans are close to killing off the Post Office - throwing a half-million unionized postal workers out of a job. With the help of Conservatives in Hollywood - teachers' unions are under attack, as well. Tragically, the United States is no place to for organized labor anymore - and as a result - no place for the Middle Class, either. Which brings us to Labor Day - the reason why a lot of us had Monday off work. To Republicans - it's no longer about passing legislation to make it harder to unionize - or cutting spending so that unionized public workers get laid off - or endorsing smears against teachers' unions. They've already done all that - now it's about re-writing the history of America - ensuring the next generation doesn't even know that the United States USED to be a place where organized labor flourished.