Attention Cash-Strapped States - the Largest For-Profit Prison a Deal for You!

Attention cash-strapped states - the largest for-profit prison corporation in America has one hell of a deal for you! The only hitch have to begin imprisoning your own citizens at an alarmingly high rate - and keep them in jail for 20 years! That's the offer coming from the Corrections Corporation of America in a $250 million proposal sent to prison officials in 48 states across the nation. The deal works like this: States sell their prisons off to the Corrections Corporation of America - also known as CCA - a multi-billion dollar for-profit corporation that's already operating 66 prison facilities across the nation. CCA pays the state a lump-sum off the bat for the prison. For example - in Ohio - CCA paid the state $72 million to run the Lake Erie Correctional Institution. From that point on - the state will then pay CCA a couple million dollars a year to manage the facility...which the state paid to build and CCA just bought for a song. That sorta sounds like a crummy deal - but CCA and proponents of prison privatization argue that this deal will actually save states a bunch money. But that's not true.