Austerity - The worldwide plan to dismantle the social safety net

Europe is screwed - and we are next, if the $100K donors to Mitt Romney's Super Pac have their way. When the European economy - and the world's economy for that matter - went into full meltdown in 2008 - a new experiment in economics was tried out. It was called austerity. And while austerity isn't all that new - using it as a tool to beat back a recession WAS new.


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johnsawyer 5 years 50 weeks ago

The current austerity "experiment" is akin to being on an expedition through the jungle, losing half your equipment due to some disaster, and then deciding to throw away half of the necessary things you have left, such as snakebite medicine, because someone said the disaster was a sign that you have to "travel light", instead of pausing to work with suppliers to replenish your lost equipment.