The Big Picture Panel - Did the NRA Kill Disclosure? Part 2

Andy Kroll, Mother Jones Magazine & Brian Darling, Heritage Foundation & Horace Cooper, National Center for Public Policy Research & special guest Adam Skaggs, Brennan Center, all join Thom Hartmann. How did we develop this two-tiered criminal justice system, wherein I go to jail for stealing a slurpee, but a banksters who steals billions gets to skate? The Senate failed to get enough votes to break a Republican filibuster of the DISCLOSE Act - a bill that would force organizations that are spending more than $10000 in our elections to disclose exactly where their money is coming from. In a letter to Senators last week - the NRA threatened those who support the DISCLOSE Act by writing: "Due to the importance of the fundamental speech and associational rights of the National Rifle Association's four million members, and considering the blatant attack on those rights that S. 3369 represents, we strongly oppose the DISCLOSE Act and will consider votes on this legislation in future candidate evaluations." As in, if you support it - we'll use our secret donors to destroy you.