Can the RNC & DNC just leave God alone?

Bill Clinton's speech at the DNC on Wednesday night did more than just make the case for why President Obama should get a second term and why Republicans are bad for our nation. The speech also overshadowed a very embarassing moment for Democrats earlier in the day - when they compromised not only their party's prinicples - but also the principles on which this nation was founded. You see - on Tuesday - the offical Democratic Party Platform for 2012 was adopted by delegates. And the vast right-wing echo chamber was quick to pounce on a slight change in the party's official platform from 2008. The word "God" had been removed from the platform. Now of course - to Republicans - who've made a deal with the religious far right in America - this ommission was tantamount to a mortal sin. But to Democrats - the ommission made sense. After all, Democrats are the Party of all faiths - and of both believers and non-believers. The Democratic Party was founded by Thomas Jefferson, who knew our nation was founded with a strict separation between Church and State - meaning government doesn't get involved in religion - and those politicians in our government don't get involved in religion when they're crafting their parties' official platforms. Besides, when you insert God into a political platform - a lot of questions get raised - mainly - which God are you referring to? Is it the Christian God? The Jewish God? Is it Allah? Is it the Nordic God Thor? Is it the Flying Spaghetti Monser?