Can we as a nation really scrap affirmative action policies

Inimai Chettiar, Brennan Center for Justice, joins Thom Hartmann. Job Truthers aside - last week's jobs numbers show significant gains in the African American community. While the numbers are still far too high - the unemployment rate for African Americans dropped from 14.5% in August down to 13.4% in September - which is the lowest level since 2009. But there are still enormous challenges facing the African American community. Consider these numbers revealed in a new book titled "Documenting Desegregation" Since 1980 - there has been no improvement whatsoever. in terms of workplace desegregation for African American men - whereas white men have seen their access to managerial jobs increase since 1966 among nearly all sectors. The same holds true among African American women - as segregation of white and black females in the workplace is again on the rise. Clearly - the election of Barack Obama wasn't a cure-all to America's race problems. Segregation is still with us - just not quite as blatant.