Climate Scientists Warned Us - Freak Weather & Rising Sea Levels

Jamie Henn, join Thom Hartmann. Millions of people are still without power around the nation's capital - and left to deal with a record breaking heat wave without air conditioning. Fueled by all-time temperature highs on Friday, a massive freak storm ripped across the Mid-Atlantic Friday night - killing at least 17 people and knocking out power to more than three million. West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, and Washington, DC have all declared states of emergency. Meanwhile, on the other side of the nation - a wildfire continues to scorch Colorado - where tens of thousands of people have been evacuated out of harm's way and more than 350 homes destroyed. Firefighters claim they now have 55% of the fire contained at Waldo Canyon, Colorado. On the heels of this freak weather is a new report from climate scientists around the world warning that when it comes to rising sea levels, the tipping point has already been passed. Scientists with US research group Climate Central warned that even with drastic cuts in CO2 emissions, rising sea levels cannot be stopped over the next few hundred years - threatening roughly a tenth of the world's population that lives in low-lying areas. So here we have massive wildfires, catastrophic storms, and rising oceans. Climate scientists have been warning us for decades about the effects of climate change - are we now starting to see their warning come true?