The Communist Party smacks down Allen West

Allen West told his constituents last week that Communists are running amok in the halls of Congress. What should West - and the rest of Americans - know about the real role of the Communist Party in America? Libero Della Piana - Vice Chairman of Communist Party USA joins Thom Hartmann.


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beaker55 5 years 28 weeks ago

But, Allan West clarified his statement by saying he meant those he accused of being members of the communist party were actually members of the progressive caucus. Fair enough, sarcasm aside. I think it's obvious that the members of the progressive caucus are not openly members of the communist party. But, perhaps they should come clean. The thing I find most common here, on Huffington Post, Daily Koz, etc., etc., and among my democrat friends is that they go to great lengths to parse the question: Are you in favor of Socialism or Communism as the official form of government in the United States? They him and haw, but never seem to want to just answer the question directly, as if they're ashamed of their real political views, but need to hide them for some reason. Yet they freely and unwittingly espouse Marxist or Fabian Socialist ideology in thought and expression. Where has honesty gone in our daily political conversation? Thom, I haven't been a subscriber for much more than a few days, but: Are you a Communist? And can you answer the question without parsing your answer? Just curious. You obviously hold a lot of disdain, even hatred, for the average republican and the republican party. You and others here speak about preserving democracy, but where did you ever find the word decmocracy in the Declaration or the Constitution? I'm not talking about the democratic voting policies we enjoy, but really, the U.S. Constitution speaks only about one specific form of government GUARANTEED to the States in the U.S. Constitution; that being "a Republican form of government". I understand that there are some democratic ideals espoused by the founders in the Federalist Papers, but why would you or anyone else want to preserve "our democracy" when the government constituted by the founders is a Republic, not a Democracy? I was attracted to your site by reading your assessment of the Citizens United decision, which was an eye opener. But I'm pretty disappointed with the standard liberal/progressive rhetoric so far: Your rant on the republican party was hateful and spiteful, yet the democrat party is guilty of the very same things, only with a socialist twist. Admittedly, I haven't read your works, but I've yet to hear you breath a word about the U.S. being a Republic. What gives? Maybe George Orwell was really on to something.... Maybe the "progressive" caucus and the progressives and socialists in general should just come out and say something like "We want to disolve the U.S. Constitution and we want to constitute a more totalitarian United States of America." Maybe then we could all have an honest debate. Can you point me to one of your books that most clearly explains your political view?