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For tonight's special edition of Conversations with Great Minds - Thom is joined by Lamar Waldron. Lamar is an author and historian - and was once called "the ultimate JFK historian and examiner," by Variety Magazine's Liz Smith. His extensive and groundbreaking research has been featured in hundreds of newspapers - and was the subject of two Discovery Channel specials produced by NBC News. Lamar has appeared on CNN, The History Channel and other major television networks. He is the author of several books - including his newest, full of bombshells, Watergate: The Hidden History. June 17th marks the 40th anniversary of the Watergate burglary - and just in time for the anniversary is the arrival of an explosive new book that sheds new light on the scandal and on President Nixon.


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Mark Saulys 5 years 32 weeks ago

Legendary journalist, Jack Anderson of the New York Times, claims that the Kennedies were mobbed up too - through Joe Kennedy. Joe Kennedy had his old friend, Sam Giancanna, fix the 1960 election for JFK. JFK or RFK were not to know anything about it, however, by Joe's insistance. Both the younger Kennedies were virulently anti Mafia and would not have accepted ANY help from the mob.

After the election the Kennedy Administration immediately began an anti Mafia law enforcement campaign. The mobsters, because they had just helped to get JFK elected, saw this as a double cross. They may or may not have been aware that JFK and RFK didn't know of the role of the mob in getting them elected.

The operation, carried out by the CIA, to assasinate Castro was continuing into the Kennedy Administration. The CIA was using mobsters to perform the actual mission as it always did for almost all its missions. This began long before the inception of the CIA. When the OSS needed a domestic intelligence network during WW II they went to the mob for it because the organized crime syndicates already had such apparatus in place.

Because the mob was feeling double crossed by Kennedy their operatives in Havana were not eager to carry out their orders of assasination. They, instead, approached Castro, told him of their instuctions and offered to assasinate Kennedy for Castro. That's when Castro's speech was given in which he said, "It has recently come to my attention that the president of the United States is trying to have me assasinated. Two can play at that game."

The rest, as they say, is history. That's all according Jack Anderson.

The Teamsters were a thoroughly corrupt and mobbed up union, far more than just Jimmy Hoffa and long after he had died. It wasn't until the union was put into receivership after a long campaign by the feds did that begin to end.

I was a member of Teamsters for a Democratic Union, the main Teamster reform organization, and on the Steering Committee of the Chicago chapter in the '70s. I don't know much about Hoffa jr. today but he was initially very closely associated with some very unsavory, old school, thuggish Teamsters. His running mate against Carey was the very dirty president of a very dirty Chicago Local 714 the name of Billy Hogan. Hogan, whose brother is part owner of a very large temporary help acency - of the very kind that outsources good jobs all over the United States into minnimum wage temporary ones - was banned from union activity for life by the IRB for taking kickbacks from an employer in Las Vegas to use temporary workers from his brother's agency instead of Teamsters for a job he was negotiating.

For a good understanding of the Teamsters, up to the late '70s, I recommend The Teamsters, the Men, the Money, the Mob by Stephen Brill.