Did Anonymous Save the Election from Karl Rove?

Remember on election night - when Karl Rove questioned Fox News' call that Ohio had gone for President Obama? Well it turns out hacker group extraordinaire Anonymous may have had something to do with that...or did he (or she)?


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liberaltalkingpoints 4 years 51 weeks ago

If this story is true, you can expect something like this: the next republican president will use the bully pulpit to turn Anonymous into the new Al Queda that must be uprooted. A GOP controlled FBI and FHS would be happy to violate personal liberties in search of a newly reviled hacker group. We have had the taliban, before that drug users and before that communists that conservatives declare war on. A hacker group like Anon falls neatly into the castigated group of 'others' that the GOP always loves to use in campaign rhetoric.

If this story is true, Thom is very correct to call for better proof from Anon. Assuming it's true for the moment, Anon is now the nemesis to the neocons and elephants have long memories. Without demonstrable proof, this story will linger as conspiracy theory and Anon will function until someone with an axe to grind gains some power to flex. With proof, the conversation would change to how is this possible and what should be done to stop private incursions into the counting of votes.

Even if not true, the messages from Anon may give would be vote riggers a pause to their thinking.

Regardless of the veracity of this story, this plot is fantastic fodder for a Hollywood screenplay. I just hope it is not done in the context of Mulder, Skully and Fox Television.

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teajunkie 4 years 51 weeks ago

Rove DID look perplexed and distraught...so I have to think this is not a theory.

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Bucky315 4 years 51 weeks ago

I was watching Rove's face election night. This was obviously what was going on. And I agree, this would make a fantastic real-life plot for an Oliver Stone conscieousness-raising movie. Maybe that way the general electorate could start to get a clue about how easy it is to steal an election electronically. I followed that ugliness that was the stolen 2004 Bush "re-election". It was so obvious to we computer programers once a few facts were known, what had happened. The fact that the crash happened at nearly the exact same time as 2004 is a huge tell that the same software was being used IMHO.