Do you want a posse of 3000 gun-toters guarding our children's schools?

Sheriff Richard Mack joins Thom Hartmann. Beginning this week - Sheriff Joe Arpaio is dispatching members of his armed, volunteer posse to schools around the county, in hopes of deterring any future violence. Arpaio's posse is comprised of 3000 mostly-volunteer officers - with a good chunk of them owning firearms - and some having criminal backgrounds. All posse members pay for their own weapons and equipment, but are insured by the Sheriff's office. As you might expect, some parents are uneasy with the idea of armed posse members camped out in front of their children's' school. As one parent told a local news outlet, "They have guns? No, I don't like that, and I can't believe something like this would be implemented without speaking to parents first." So - is sending out a posse of 3000 gun-toting individuals - many of whom have criminal backgrounds a good idea?