Does America Have To Choose Between Impeaching Trump and War with Russia? (w/Guest Stephen Cohen)

As the Mueller investigation into what some are calling #Russiagate continues to unfold, some like friend of the show and guest Stephen Cohen, are becoming concerned that the investigation, allegations, and 24 hour news cycle, are worsening tensions with Russia and leading to a place where we may have to choose between impeaching Donald Trump and war with Russia.


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rhapsonix 29 weeks 2 days ago

I don't appreciate Cohen's perspective at all. His first argument that Moscow is full of large chain hotels is meaningless in regard to Trump wanting to build a hotel in Moscow and being unable to. Trump owns 11 hotels and the rest he just sells his name to adorn. So, his family business doesn't operate at the scale of a Marriott or Hyatt, etc. Same with big food chains. That his lawyers and associates further bungle dealings with authorities isn't surprising. But also, these other CEOs are not running for president of the US. Tell me that Putin treated Trump as he would the CEOs of these other multinationals and I will laugh in your face. Putin does not want to make enemies of these powerful corporations. However, Trump is another story. He doesn't even have financing to build anything anywhere -- except when funded by Russia (according to his sons) or some questionable source (Deutchebank). So, Cohen's argument that what prevented Trump from building in Moscow was simply mishandling by his associates is not feesible if we are to believe what I believe are more credible sources on this matter:

Cohen seems stuck in his concept of America-Russia relations from the coldwar and peristroika era. Ask Bill Browder about trying to do business in Russia if you are not a super powerful transnational corporation. You can't ask Browder's Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, because he was arrested, tortured and murdered by Putin's thugs over Browder's business disputes in Putin's Russia.

Either Cohen is willfully ignorant or is a Kremlin lackey, either way he is a useful idiot for Putin. I'm surprised he isn't on Fox more than he is.