Does this Generation have a Rendezvous w/Destiny?

OWS & these 2 groups co-exist? Can we stay together - can we resist the temptations of infighting - of purity tests - of mistrust of each other? Unfortunately, that still remains to be seen. Just like in all political movements throughout history, below the surface there's grumbling within the progressive movement. In General Assembly meetings, in blog posts, in emails - you can see and hear rifts developing. On the one hand you have those who are part of the relatively leaderless Occupy Movement - people who have mobilized both against wealth inequality, abuses on Wall Street, and against any sort of hierarchical organization - be it on the left or on the right. It's not about left or right politics to them - it's about direct action - and fundamentally changing the entire system to bring about a more egalitarian nation. And that's a noble cause. And on the other hand - you see larger and more established groups. You have groups like - the AFL-CIO - and even the Democratic Party - that see what's going on in the streets in America - and see a well of vitality and activism that can bring about real political change in America. So can these two groups co-exist?