Does the Historical Reality of 1967 Support the "Summer of Love" Legend? (w/Guest Danny Goldberg)

Thom sits down with guest Danny Goldberg (President - Gold Village Entertainement, Former Executive for Warner Bros, Atlantic, and Swan Song Records, & Author - In Search of the Lost Chord: 1967 and the Hippie Idea) to talk about the word "hippie", how it was co-opted and corrupted by the media, and what it really means, set in the context of the wild political and cultural times of 1967 and the surrounding years.

The Founders Created the Electoral College to Prevent a Foreign-Influenced Candidate From Winning - It Didn't Stop Trump, so Let's Scrap It

Thom plus logo It's time to take another step forward in fine-tuning our republic and abolish the Electoral College.

America's Founders and Framers thought they could use the Electoral College to prevent somebody like Donald Trump from ever becoming president. Unfortunately, they were wrong, and now we're paying the price.