Does Obamacare Lead to Single Payer Eventually?

No doubt that this is a victory for President Obama - but is it a slam-dunk victory for Progressives who want to eventually have a single-payer healthcare system? Ultimately what happened today was the Supreme Court reinforced our current healthcare system, which relies on private, for-profit health insurance companies. Today - the United States spends far more than any other developed nation on healthcare - yet doesn't get any better healthcare results from all that spending. And that's because - unlike the rest of the developed world - we rely on for-profit corporations to administer healthcare in America. And since CEOs need huge bonuses to buy new summer mansions - the price of health insurance has to get jacked up. So what does Obamacare do to resolve this problem? What will our healthcare system look like now - after the Supreme Court has upheld the law? Here to answer that is...Wendell Potter - health care industry whistleblower.