Drones...the ultimate stalkers

Imagine you're being stalked from the sky. Every time you go in or out of any building, it's recorded. Everybody you talk with. Everyplace you drive or take public transportation. Your sky-stalker can see through your windows, read your lips, and, using infrared cameras, can even see if you've lit a cigarette - of any type. Shouldn't this be illegal?


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Gnostic 4 years 36 weeks ago

This segment of the news here today being "Drones...the Ultimate Stalker" reminds me so much of the movie SPACE ODYSEE 2000 produced in the early 1970's (around the time of the release of the "Pentagon Papers" by Daniel Ellsberg ending vietnam) where the spaceship computer named "Hal" the one dimentional eye, like the classic litt of Homer's Odyssess with the one eyed Cyclones being the sons' of oceanic--Posidon, TAKES OVER AND NEARLY CAPTURES THE MAIN CHARACTER ODYSEEUS. The astronaut Dave in the movie stops the computer personnified as Hal. We as citizens similar to the astronaut Dave in Space Odysee 2000 movie need to stop modern day Drones from behaving like Hal AND CAPTURING US AS HAPPENED TO ODYSEEUS IN HOMER'S CLASSIC LITT. Hal DEMONSTRATED ABILITY TO READ LIPS if one were to watch the movie Space Odysee 2000. The movie viewer will see Hal as it were "reading lips" as theses modern day drones can do today. Drones are from the sons' of Poisdon in a methphorical sense that need to be parented and not have them parent us. THIS IS DEEP AS THE OCEAN--AND MORE LIKE IT HIGHER THAN THE SKY!!