Even Conservatives Wonder Where is Congressional Oversight on Trump's War Plans For Syria

Are we still using the authorization for military force from 2001 to justify attacking sovereign nations?


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2950-10K 34 weeks 6 days ago

The attack on Syria is just a gateway to war with Iran! The same fascists in control of our government support Saudi atrocities in Yemen!...so we know humanitarian motivations/justifications do not exist in this attack on Syria. Iran will soon react and Trump will authorize bombing of their nuclear facilities.

BTW: Very little in the media about GM layoffs related to poor sales...perfect storm of economic downturn and global warfare. As I've stated before, no good ending here. Hillary Clinton won the election. Shame on us for allowing another election fraud and thus more war for profit....this time lead by those with reckless evangelical like fervor.

War with Iran is Imminent: Israel and the Saudi's want us to pay a very large price for problems they refuse to work out in a peaceful manner.