Exposing the Biggest Most Corrupt Corporation Ever

There's a new corporation in town - it's more powerful than any other corporation in America - and it has major influences in each of the 50 states. So what is this massive corporation - who's behind it - and how is it destroying our political landscape and the American democracy? I'll tell you in tonight's Daily Take...


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Eric Frankson 5 years 28 weeks ago

False Facebook-ery.

The patriotic sentiments of an ad currently going around Facebook circles right now ("...I'm not ashamed to say I love America. Share if you agree.") are noble, but ring hollow. The truest act of love for America a proud citizen can perform is to vote. How many people will pass this ad on and pat themselves on the back, yet fail to vote due to being lazy or indifferent in the fall?

And more importantly, if you love America, you have to love the system. The system that's 240 years old and still going; still evolving. Lots of special interest groups have decided that 'Government is too big' and 'the Federal Government is out of control'. Hogwash.

Our founding fathers knew that special interest groups would try to usurp power and over-throw our Republic. It's happening now with Globalist corporations and world banks manipulating our system; as seen it 'Citizens United'. They are traitors to what our founding fathers envisioned.

Mitt would have been seen as a Tory or a Sympathizer to the Crown. Newt would have been seen as an Anti-Federalist. Both Tories and Sympathizers were ENEMIES of the indirect Democracy created by compromise and consensus. The first true American patriots that put their lives on the line would have scoffed at the notion that our beloved Nation should be held ransom by far-away lands like Saudi Arabia and China. How perverse this 'America' has become. We've been blinded by Big-Brother Media into believing that the issues George Washington stood for were nothing more than rants from a flaming, Big-government, tax and spend Liberal. His views would be seen as anti-American, even Commie-like, by today's GOP and Neo-Conservative political leadership.

Voting Republicans with any inkling of American patriotism should be voting a straight Democrat ticket this fall. The GOP has been bought and paid for by foreign interests and corporate greed. It's time for the GOP to be dismantled and rebuilt. GOP Inc. must be either 'Regulated' or ultimately, 'Liquidated'.