FDR Exposes the Origins of the Romney/Ryan "Big Lie"

It seems that right-wingers - we call them Republicans here in the US - haven't changed their strategies much at all over the years - that Romney and Ryan are following an old, old pattern. According to Godwin's Law - the first person to use a Hitler comparison in an argument - loses. Well...call me a loser - and call President Franklin Roosevelt a loser too - because in 1944 - while running for re-election - Roosevelt compared the Republican's political strategy that year to Hitler's. Now don't expect President Obama to compare Republicans to Hitler like Roosevelt did. He shouldn't. But he should call out the liars - and use the actual word "liar" in doing so. Because if he doesn't - then the propaganda machine on the Right won't stop - and he could be left wondering, on November 7th, how he lost an election when the Republican and Rove and Koch Brothers attack ads were all filled with lies - big, big lies. Consider it a warning, Mr. President. Oh, and one more thing - in that same speech that Roosevelt called out Republicans for using Hitler's techniques - he also called them out for suppressing the vote - which just so happens to be the Republican strategy today too - right alongside lying. The more things change - the more they stay the same