Full Show 11/10/15: Understanding Climate Change: A Conversation with Michael Mann

Thom goes over the basics of what global warming is, what's causing it, and how we can stop it with climate scientist Michael Mann, author of the book “Dire Predictions: Understanding Climate Change.”


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bkalalian 4 years 6 days ago

Hi Thom. Thank you for covering this rarely discussed topic. Great expose. I would only add more emphasis on overpopulation. Strong scienific consensus is that the earth can only feed clothe and house around 2 billion people. But we are already over 7 billion and still growing. We need to keep raising awareness about over pop issue because if we could get back to 1 or 2 billion then it would be much easier to resolve the climate change and many other pollution problems as well as low wages, lack of clean water, housing shortages, etc. Personal note I am 49 and chose not to have children because of over population. If we raise awareness others may chose to have no more than one child per couple. If everyone takes precautions we could dial back population to 1 billion before the year 2100. Of course we also need to reduce our carbon footprints along the.

Old_Curmudgeon 4 years 6 days ago


{… 1.60 limericks …}

Mankind is bringing about

conditions for more then more drought, -

- in large part because

the Rightwingers pause

in figuring such things out.

They shout their doubt

as nonsense they spout.

It’s stupidity which they tout.


Old_Curmudgeon 4 years 6 days ago

Weather Havocs

{… a rhyme …}

Use “havoc” as a verb

about weathers which disturb:

“Havoc havocs Ever’whur,” -

- yet Rightists tend to demur

that this is the case.

Fantasies they chase.